A Texas LTC Comes With Personal Responsibility

April 15, 2022

A couple of years ago I was pulled over by a county sheriff’s deputy just off IH-35 down around Lytle for “rolling through a stop sign”.  Yes, I was guilty and paid the fine.  No argument there.  He asked for my ID, and I gave him my driver’s license, insurance card, and my License To Carry (LTC).

Before he could look at it, I politely stated that I was not carrying, nor did I have a firearm in the vehicle.  I thought my response would be welcomed and put him at ease. Surprisingly, I evoked an entirely different response.  For the next 10 minutes, I received a “lecture” on the importance of having an LTC, training, training, training, and always concealed carry when legal.

He stated that statistically, law enforcement cannot help victims in a timely manner, and they expect our help if they are in trouble themselves.  He referred to several statistics and percentages pertaining to Texas LTC whereby the odds of someone being in the area with a concealed carry permit holder are good.

I drove away with a new take on carrying a firearm.  If you have an LTC, you have voluntarily / involuntarily obligated yourself to practicing often and always carrying your firearm when legal.  I also gathered from his “lecture”, if you choose to carry and not practice, please let your Texas LTC status expire.

No one needs your help if you have not stayed current with shooting classes, self-defense classes, and practice (he referred to it as being a liability on the scene).  I made a choice that evening to always carry, when legal, and practice at least two to three times per month and have been doing so for 2 ½ years.


The love Rex Majors has for the outdoors began with his twin brother Russ, when at the young age of three they were found fishing in the water meter box outside their home in Oklahoma.  Rex’s passion and genuine love for outdoor sports has only deepened over the past 50 years.

Rex spent a few years in the corporate world before becoming a small business owner, working side by side with his wife of 26 years.  His experience includes management positions at Academy Sports & Outdoors, as well as the convenience store and retail gas industry.

In 2015, he had the opportunity to chase his dream of owning and operating a sporting goods retail store. The Rex Majors family and the Rick Grayson family partnered up to create and build Buck & Doe’s Mercantile for the purpose of sharing their passion for shooting sports with other families here in San Antonio, Texas.

He and his wife Jennifer raised their three kids around shooting sports, hunting, fishing, and camping.  When his family gathers for the holidays, you can usually find them competing in one of the ranges at Buck & Doe’s Mercantile or out shooting sporting clays at one of the several locations around San Antonio.


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