Shooting 201 Intermediate Pistol Class Women Only

This intermediate firearms training course in San Antonio is the next step following the Shooting 101 Basic Pistol Class. The USCCA Shooting 201 Intermediate Pistol Class for Women Only is an informational and hands-on class in the carrying and use of a handgun in self-defense. Students should already be conversant in the safe handling and firing of a hand gun (such as completing Shooting 101 Basic Pistol Class).

This 3 hour firearms training course covers firearms handling safety, range safety, and personal safety. We summarize the legal and psychological issues involved in using a firearm for self-defense. We practice basic handling, operation, reloading, malfunction clearances, and shooting skills with training guns, “dry” in the classroom. The course concludes with a range live-fire session allowing students to train with their own defensive handgun (rentals available) through a series of defensive drills.

This course is a good fit for ladies who want to further their skills with a handgun for home or personal protection or are considering carrying a handgun for self-defense.


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