Buck & Doe’s JOAD Archery Club

Archers who are ready to join a club, practice on a weekly basis, and even hit the competitive circuit will want to join us for one of our JOAD Archery Club classes. We have John Smith, USA Level III Coach here to work with you each step of the way. The JOAD Club is focused on preparing archers for NFAA, USA Archery, ASA, and S3DA competitions across the state, the country, and the world.  If you are interested in joining Buck & Doe’s JOAD Club, please give us a call to request a private skills assessment with one of our coaches.


If you have your own equipment, some experience but you’re not quite ready for competitive shooting, then the JOAD Explore class is the group you want to join.  JOAD Explore is a great way to improve your shooting skills, learn new drills, and participate in weekly practice sessions with a dedicated coach.


Since we have started the JOAD Archery Club at Buck & Doe’s, we have seen tremendous success. Just this past year, we had 3 athletes podium and 2 runner ups. On top of that, each of our competitors received a plaque from SYWAT acknowledging their hard work for the season. These awards are are incredible accomplishments for a young team. If you are interested in joining a highly successful team let us know! We are always looking to add more team members to our JOAD Club and we would be happy to have you!

Our JOAD Archery Club is a great opportunity for a young archery to begin competing. Our program works limits the stress involved in shooting competitively and our coaches have seen incredible results from the archers they have trained. Not only will our JOAD Archery Club help improve your archery skills, but you will also get to be a part of a great community of young archers.


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