Gun Private Lessons

Looking to enhance your firearm skills? Want to take a class but our schedule does not match your schedule? Our private firearm training offers personalized lessons to help you gain confidence and master your shooting technique. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, our tailored instruction will meet your needs. Call 830-980-3637 now to schedule your lesson and take your shooting to the next level!

Some of the reasons students come to us for private pistol training include:

  • How to safely handle a gun
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Grip, stance, aiming, trigger control, follow-through
  • Concealed carry options
  • Improve shooting accuracy
  • Handgun loading and unloading skills
  • Holster selection and use
  • Presentation and target acquisition
  • Target engagement from a variety of distances
  • Learning to clear basic jams and malfunctions

You can waste time, money, and ammunition struggling to teach yourself when our private gun training can help you diagnose most shooting problems in minutes. With the help of our certified and experienced shooting instructors, you can quickly identify and fix shooting problems with your grip, stance, sight picture, or pistol malfunctions. You will gain confidence in safe handling, marksmanship, and gun maintenance skills. Think of your private handgun lessons in the same context as music lessons. If you practice regularly and meet with your teacher from time to time for another lesson, you will become very proficient and have a lot of fun in the process!

Our one-hour private shooting lessons in San Antonio, TX are geared to meet every shooter’s specific need. We offer private one-on-one shooting lessons for $99 or group shooting lessons for $89 per person up to 5 people. The cost of your lesson includes the rental firearm of your choice, eye and ear protection, and an instructor who will customize the lesson to your requests. Ammunition must be purchased separately. Private lessons are also a great way to prepare for the shooting qualification section for those interested in getting their Texas License to Carry permit (LTC). Our firearms instructors have a wide variety of firearm experience so students will be paired with the perfect instructor, whether it’s for personal defense, competition, or basic firearm knowledge.

Private training topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Improving a shooter’s skills
  • Personal defense
  • Active shooter drills
  • Presentation of a handgun from a holster
  • Maintenance of firearms (field strip and cleaning)
  • Introducing youth to firearms (minimum age is 6 years old). A parent must be present during the lesson.
  • AR-15 rifle skills
  • and so much more . . .

Buck & Doe’s Mercantile is committed to promoting firearm safety, responsibility, and proficiency through education and training. Please call 830-980-3637 to learn more about our private gun training and to sign up for a private shooting lesson.


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