Archery Equipment

Archery Equipment

Buck and Doe's Mercantile has an extensive inventory of bows and archery accessories. We have cases, arrow tubes, quivers, releases, arrows, and stabilizers for both the recurve and compound shooter. We can custom build you a set of arrows, replace bow strings, and paper tune your bow. We can prepare you for an upcoming tournament or an awesome hunting season.


Bow Types

Buck and Doe’s Mercantile offers recurve bows by PSE for hunting and target shooting. We also offer Bear hunting recurve bows, including Fred Bear’s famous takedown recurve, designed in the 1950’s. We typically stock 50 to 70 compound bows for target, 3D and hunting, so you have a nice selection to choose from.Since pig hunting has become so available in Texas, we added to our inventory the necessary equipment for this, including heavy shaft arrows for deeper penetration.

Try Before You Buy

We have a nice selection of crossbows, some of which are capable of 1.5 moa. Very fast and accurate!The best part about Buck and Doe’s Mercantile if you’re shopping for a new bow is that you can try before you buy. For the kids, we carry several models designed for ages six and up and starter youth recurve bows, which can draw all the way down to 8 pounds. Our inventory also includes several models for women as well. No matter what your archery needs, we are here to help make your experience awesome.


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