What’s the best way to clean a gun?

What’s the best way to clean a gun?

Hunting season is over, winter is finally here, and it’s time to properly clean and store our guns. In order to be sure our…
San Antonio Archery Techniques for Competition Shooting

San Antonio Archery Techniques for Competition Shooting

For archers in San Antonio getting ready for local or statewide competitions, brushing up or learning new techniques should be a priority. Timing, aiming,…
Student practices with an AR-15 Rifle

What is an AR-15 Rifle?

The AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in San Antonio It is also one of the most misunderstood. An AR-15 rifle is…
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Top 10 Things to Take with You When Bow Hunting

When planning your next bow hunting trip, always double check you have packed all of the essential equipment. Forgetting any of your equipment can…
" Gun Cleaning Essentials "

What’s the definition of a straw purchase?

Straw purchases have several different meanings in both the business world and the firearm world. In accordance with firearm terminology, a straw purchase is…

Choosing the Right Concealed Carry Firearm

Find the Right Concealed Carry Firearm for You There are several things to consider when choosing the right concealed carry firearm. While it is…

A Few Words from our Clients

A friend and I visited the range for the first time yesterday, and you know as soon as you walk in the door that this is a quality operation. The place was immaculate, the staff knowledgeable and friendly, and there was a great selection of firearms and accessories. We had a great time shooting on the well-lit range with excellent ventilation. The value for the dollar is great, and it’s is without a doubt the finest range and retail operation of its kind I’ve ever visited. There’s no doubt this will be our go-to range from now on!

– Haskell M

Amazing experience with Mr Ron private lesson, he made me feel comfortable confidence and sure of myself, I highly recommend anyone wanting to educate themselves with good knowledge of handling a weapon to pick up the phone and call them you are not going to be sorry, this is my first try I will be back.

– Sandra Gallardo

Took my LTC class with instructor Ron Benton. I honestly thought it would be a boring class, falling asleep, etc. Boy, was I wrong! Very informative, laid back, cracking jokes. I really enjoyed myself. I will recommend everyone I know to come take his class because I know they will have a great experience as I did. Thank you Ron.

– Joshua Rice

Buck & Doe’s is such a great to learn gun safety. The staff is so helpful on any level your at. Their instructors in my opinion are the best and I look forward to learning more. If you have any interest in practicing your second amendment right, this is the place to to start or continue.

– Curtis Kilgore

Disappointed I didn’t come here sooner! Great place and experience. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Ron Benton was my instructor and he was professional, courtesy, knowledgeable and friendly. Atmosphere wasn’t super uptight or stiff but safety was addressed first and foremost. Plan on coming back real soon!

– Cuong Nguyen

Great spot to get the supplies to exercise your 2nd Amendment right and do a little shopping! Nice selection of smoker and cast iron supplies. Huge supply of holsters made locally. Gun range was clean and solid with reasonable rates.

– Julie Winter