Who Needs Gun Classes?

May 13, 2022

I’ve had plenty of experience shooting firearms

I have been shooting firearms since I was 4 ½ years old.  Dad had a 22 Browning semi auto rifle and would take us to the country where no tin can, rabbit, or squirrel was safe.  And yes, we did clean and eat the rabbits and squirrels.  Not saying I like them much in my older age, they seemed to taste better as a kid.

Fast forward 50 years and I have always believed I was pretty good at handguns, rifles, and shotguns.  I had a couple of well trained and experienced employees take me into bay 3 of our indoor shooting range to evaluate my skills and to do a little coaching.  Obviously, I felt I didn’t need it, like I said, I have been shooting for 50 years now.

Was I ready for a high-pressure scenario?

Both employees had retired from an active military career and were extensively trained in the use of firearms.  Well, they dummy loaded my magazines, “raised” their voices at me, and put me through a shooting sequence I had only seen in the Matrix.  I failed miserably.  I lost my fine motor skills looking like a bumbling idiot, dropping my mags on the floor, couldn’t clear a jam (they created), etc.  Wow, 50 years of practice and that was my debut.

Regroup and Re-evaluate

The next day, instead of selling my guns and picking up cross stitch needle work, I realized I have been carrying the wrong firearm for a person used to shooting at stationary targets not firing back.  I needed a firearm comfortable to conceal carry (my choice no matter what the laws say I can do; I don’t really like open carry) so I bought a Smith &Wesson 351C, which is a 7 shot 22 mag revolver with no hammer.  After a few weeks of practice, I had the guys run me through their stress test again.  Guess what?  Perfection!!  No jams!!  No misfires!!  No mags to drop!!  And I shot a perfect score!

Chose a concealed carry gun that’s right for you

Now many of you may not like this because it paints your semi auto in bad light.  The truth is, a semi auto handgun, larger caliber, is by far the first choice, hands down.  Thing is, I don’t have the time to commit at this stage in life to be proficient under duress with a semi auto, so I found a firearm that would work for me.

If I was younger, I would have stuck with my semi auto handguns and simply trained with instructors more often.  Will I sell my semi auto’s?  No way, I enjoy shooting them and do so often, but at a stationary target, not shooting back at me, and in a peaceful, harmonious environment (bay 3 on a Tuesday morning) ….


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