ATF Form 1 Information

Doing all of the prep work

Completing your own ATF Form 1 is not difficult, but completing the form requires attention to detail. If you fail to provide the required information to the ATF, they will reject your form, and you’ll have to start over from scratch. I will provide you with the necessary steps to successfully submit your own Form 1. These instructions DO NOT apply to those persons utilizing a trust. These pertain only to those persons applying as an individual.

  • From the ATF’s standpoint, by completing a Form 1 you are applying to “Manufacture an NFA Firearm”.
  • Go to www.silencershop.com and create an account. Once you have created the account, login and go to your profile. Fill in all of the blanks for your personal information. Don’t skip any of the sections. Save your information and logout.
  • Shortly after you logout, you will receive an email from Silencer Shop that has a QR Code. Retain this email.
  • Visit Buck & Doe’s Mercantile, where you will find our Silencer Shop kiosk, just inside the front door. Use the email that Silencer Shop sent you to scan the QR code on the kiosk.
  • Your account will open up on the kiosk screen, and you will be prompted to begin the fingerprinting process. Follow the instructions on the screen and submit your fingerprints to Silencer Shop.
  • Upon completion, log back into Silencer Shop, and go to the “Services” tab. Select the “Completed Fingerprint Cards” from the menu, and purchase them. They will ship you a pair of your completed fingerprints on the correct form. Although it’s not mandatory, you can scan these cards and retain them in your computer.
  • Have someone take a photograph of you standing against a neutral background. It should be full framed, and appear like a passport photo would look. Do NOT try and take a selfie, as it will be rejected. Keep it professional in appearance. Once you are satisfied with the photo, upload it into your computer.
  • You will need to take measurements of your firearm, and write them down. Record the manufacturer, the model, and the serial number. Measure your barrel length, and the overall length of your firearm with the stock in the extended position.
  • Locate the name and address of your Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO). This can be the Sheriff or Chief of Police in the jurisdiction that you live in. If you live
    in Bexar County, you can utilize:

Javier Salazar
Bexar County Sheriff
200 N. Comal Street
San Antonio, TX 78207

Completing your Form 1

You must go to eforms-form1.atf.gov/login and register and create an account. Please know that once you create an account, the ATF will assign you a very unique login, and you will have to choose a four-digit PIN number. Their password requirements are very strict. Once you have created the account, please securely retain each of the following:

  •  Unique login that you are assigned.
  • Your password.
  •  Your 4-digit PIN number.
  1. Login to your ATF Eforms account. You will see a list of applicant types. Select “Individual”.
  2. Select “Next” and the next page will provide you with instructions. Read this, and proceed to the next page.
  3. The next page will provide you with a choice of paying a $200 tax, or being tax exempt. If you are registering a pistol equipped with a brace that you possessed before January 13 th , 2023 then you will select the Tax-Exempt option. You will be committing a criminal violation if you are not legally in possession of the brace equipped pistol when the law was posted on the Federal Register on January 13 th , 2023, and attempt to avoid paying the NFA Tax. If you are not sure of your affected status, please consult with your attorney for guidance.
  4. Select “Proceed” and you will get a pop-up screen that details whether you are eligible to register the firearm in Tax Exempt status. If you are eligible, you can click “Accept”.
  5. The next page will have blanks that Eforms will auto-fill for you. Check it for accuracy. Scroll down and answer all of the questions. Then click “Next”.
  6. The next page should be auto-filled with your name and address. Ensure that you add your date of birth, sex, and race, if they are not auto-filled. Click “Next”.
  7. Complete the “CLEO” section, which will be Chief Law Enforcement Officer that you have already prepared. Click “Next”.
  8. The next page is where you will input all of the information regarding the firearm that you will be registering. You will click on the “Add Firearm” tab, and a pop-up box will appear. You will enter the Manufacturer, Model, Product type (Short-Barrel Rifle), caliber, barrel length, overall length, and your serial number. When you have completed this section, click “Next”.
  9. The next page is where you will upload the required files associated with the form, namely your photograph, and if you have scanned your fingerprint cards, you can upload them as well. Don’t worry if you haven’t scanned your fingerprint cards, as we will cover that later. When you have uploaded your information, click “Next”.
  10. The next page is a verification page. Verify that all of the information that you have supplied is 100% true and correct, and click the button that says “I verify all the above information is correct”. Click “Next”.
  11. The next page will allow you to certify, under penalties of law, that what you are submitting is true and correct. If so, click the “Certify” box.
  12. You will then be prompted to enter your four-digit Eforms PIN number, which will act as your electronic signature.
  13. You will be directed to click on the “I’m not a robot” box, and follow those instructions. Then click “Next”
  14. The next page will allow you to finally submit your ATF Form 1. You will receive a confirmation email from ATF that you have successfully submitted your Form 1.
  15. If you did not upload digital copies of your fingerprints, you will have the option to print out a cover sheet. You will attach this cover sheet to your two fingerprint cards, and mail it to the address provided. Do not fold the cards. Mail them in a large flat envelope.
  16. You should routinely login to your Eforms account and check the status of your submitted Form 1. When your submission is marked Approved, you can print out as many copies as you feel necessary, but make sure that you save the PDF of your approved Form 1 in your computer.

HANG ON! There’s more

  • Once you have your Form 1 approved, you will be required to have the receiver engraved with your name, city, and state. Remember, you have manufactured an NFA firearm, and this information is required for your gun to be legal.
  • Contact an engraver of your choice, and make sure that are willing to engrave a firearm receiver. We can recommend the following:

           Gray Laser Engraving                    210-877-2400 / www.graylaser.com

           San Antonio Laser Engraving      888-964-3568 / www.salelasers.com


  • Once your Form 1 is approved by ATF and you have the form in your hand, AND your firearm is properly engraved, you can enjoy your new Short-Barrel Rifle.



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