Pistol Level 1 Women Only

Taught by a female certified instructor for women only, you can start your handgun journey with our beginner 2-hour firearm training class. This comprehensive session will begin in the classroom, where you’ll master safe pistol handling, proper stance, grip, and sight picture to enhance your shooting speed and accuracy. You’ll also learn about range commands, […]

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Pistol Level 2 Women Only

Taught by a female certified instructor for women only, this dynamic 2-hour intermediate firearm training class will take your pistol skills to the next level. We’ll start with a brief classroom review before heading to the range to focus on honing core shooting abilities, pinpointing marksmanship challenges, and engaging in an exciting new range course […]

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Pistol Level 3 Women Only

Taught by a certified female instructor, this advanced 2 hour women only firearm class will get students shooting safely, consistently, and with a focus on good self-defense habits. All shooting drills are from the ready position and drawing from a holster. A handgun and quality outside the waistband carry holster is required. This course introduces […]

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AR Level 1 Women Only

In this Women Only firearm class, unleash the potential of the versatile AR-15 platform with our three-hour introductory course. Discover the intricacies of AR-15 parts and operation, master AR shooting fundamentals, learn the art of sighting in your rifle, and explore the array of optional accessories available. Put your newfound knowledge to the test on […]

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Woman to Woman Self Defense

Join other women for a captivating 2-hour experience designed to kickstart your self-protection journey! Discover a variety of classes offered by Buck & Doe’s and find the perfect fit for your next training. Begin with a comprehensive firearm safety briefing and demonstration in the classroom, then head to the range to fire 5 rounds from […]

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The Well-Armed Woman Shooting Chapter Meeting

Shooting 101 Basic Pistol Class Women Only Course

The Shooting 101 Basic Pistol course is for women who want to learn the proper way to safely and responsibly use handguns. If you are new to shooting and interested in an in depth introductory course, then this is the course for you. You will gain both knowledge and confidence during this Shooting 101 Basic […]

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