Firearms Training and Instruction


Learn handgun, shooting or archery basics, get your Texas license to carry permit (formerly Texas concealed carry license), improve your shooting or archery skills, or sign up for one of our advanced shooting classes and take your marksmanship to the next level. We make firearm and archery training safe, fun, accessible, and extremely productive. Our safety conscious instructors are certified and ready to share their knowledge and love of the shooting sports with you. Buck & Does Mercantile offers a premier indoor shooting range for taking your License to Carry – concealed carry class in San Antonio, TX.

We are Proud Members Of:

Paul Simonsen

Firearm Instructor

Originally from Hawaii, Paul enlisted in the US Marines in 1978 and earned a commission in 1986 upon graduating from the US Naval Academy. Paul served as a Marine Infantry Officer with 3rd Bn 3rd Marines during Desert Shield/Storm and later as a Company Commander at the Marine Combat Training Battalion and School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton. In 1992, Paul moved to the Federal Government working in the DCI’s Counterterrorism Center as an Operations Officer until retiring in 2012. Paul spent 5 years working with Special Forces Command (Pacific) as a contractor. Paul relocated to Texas in 2020 and decided to continue his interest in the shooting sports. Paul is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a Texas Department of Public Safety Certified LTC Instructor. Paul is a member of the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation, the United States Practical Shooting Association, the National Skeet Shooting Association and the Texas Handgun Association.


Corey Molinelli

Lead Firearm Instructor

Corey is an Army veteran who spent most of his time conducting special operation missions focused on Counter Terrorism. He also served as a Survival Resistance and Escape (SERE) Instructor as well as a SAPPER and Advanced Demolitions and Navigation Instructor. He has spent a number of years in various civilian emergency response roles such as Fire, EMS, and SWAT Medic. He was recruited back into government service after 9/11 as a counter terrorism instructor for the Department of Homeland Security and then later for the US Army. He is still actively working as a contractor for the government as well as providing Executive Protection on select contracts. He has been teaching firearms, medical, and other topics for over 25 years.


" Kari Grayson "

Kari Grayson

Kari received her Masters from Texas State University and taught private piano lessons and general music for over 20 years. Her love for teaching led her to a new passion of shooting and firearms education, including teaching safe and responsible methods for gun handling. Her most popular class at Buck & Doe’s Mercantile is her Women’s Shooting 101 class. Kari is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Home Firearms Safety Instructor, USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) Certified Instructor, USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Instructor, Department of Public Safety Certified LTC (license to carry) Instructor and an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. Kari loves equipping people with the knowledge, skill and attitude necessary to operate their firearms in a safe and controlled environment. Kari is proud to be the chapter leader for the Well-Armed Woman shooting chapter. The only one in the San Antonio area.

NRA Certifications: Certified Rifle Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Pistol Instructor and Home Firearm Safety Instructor.

Other Certifications: Texas License to Carry Instructor

USCCA Certifications: Concealed Carry and Home Defense Instructor, Women’s Handgun and Self-Defense Fundamentals Instructor, Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Instructor.

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Gretchen Benne

Firearm Instructor

Gretchen grew up in Northwest Indiana with hunters and firearms in the home. In 2013 she and her family moved to San Antonio where she found her love for all things firearms and the different types of self defense training. She obtained her License to Carry Permit in 2017, Range Safety Officer Certification in 2018 and USCCA Firearm Instructor Certification in 2020. She is also certified in Situational Awareness and Stop the Bleed, and has continued to train and be trained in countless courses on both lethal and less lethal self defense. Gretchen is passionate about educating individuals, especially women, on their role in their own personal safety and the safety of their loved ones, whether they choose to carry a firearm or other less lethal self protection tools. Gretchen is the Leader of the San Antonio Armed Women of America Chapter and a member of the Northwest San Antonio A Girl and A Gun Chapter, the NRA and the Texas Handgun Association. In 2024 she started EmpoweRED, InspiRED PrepaRED LLC, a self defense education business that teaches students how to take responsibility for their own self protection through Situational Awareness and use other less lethal tools.


Helene Farris

Firearm Instructor

Helene grew up in San Antonio and while still in High School got her first job working in the boutique at Buck & Doe’s in 2018. Working in San Antonio’s Best Gun Store piqued her interest in all things firearms, and Helene found herself on the other side of the store learning everything she could about gun options and shooting. In 2024 she will earn her NRA Firearm Instructor Certification, and continue to teach private lessons and other classes. Helene is determined to make an impact educating people on how to defend themselves. December 2024 Helene will graduate with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from UTSA and will then pursue her Masters.


Rob Garcia

Firearm and Archery Instructor

Rob grew up in San Antonio and when he was 20 years old he joined the US Army. He spent 9 years working for the Special Forces Branch, training foreign military troops on tactics of how to protect their country. Upon returning to San Antonio, Rob wanted to continue teaching others new skills and elevating their existing skills, so he earned his NRA pistol and AR-platform Instructor Certifications. Wanting to elevate a new skill he had acquired, Rob also obtained his USA Archery Instructor Certification and learned bow-smithing so he can tune, modify or repair your bow. Rob is a member of the NRA and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of archery and firearms with his students.


Attila Gazo

Archery Instructor

Attila grew up in Slovakia and in 2004 moved to California where he was working in the high end painting industry. In 2021 Attila found his way to Texas and then to Buck & Doe’s, where he also found his love for Archery. After learning on a Compound Bow, Attila attacked the challenge of Barebow Recurve, became a USA Archery Certified Instructor as well as obtained his certification in Safe Sport. Attila teaches Buck & Doe’s Beginner Youth Classes, Beginner Adult Classes and Homeschool Classes; he is also sought after for many Private Lessons both for Archery Competition and Bow Hunting. Attila is skilled in bow-smithing and is available to tune, modify or repair your bow. Attila’s commitment is to share his passion for Archery with youth and adults and to continue to grow the sport in Texas


Will Hudnell

Archery Instructor

Born and raised in San Antonio, Will spent 21 years in the Field Artillery Branch of the US Army. He received a Bachelor’s Degree from West Texas A&M University in Emergency and Disaster Management. In 2015 his then 9 year old daughter asked to join the Archery Club, and he picked up the hobby alongside her and discovered a love for shooting compound bows and bow hunting. In 2021 Will earned his USA Archery Instructor Certification, and has been teaching compound and recurve archery ever since. He is skilled in bow-smithing and is available to tune, modify or repair your bow. Will is committed to sharing his archery knowledge and experience so his students can continue to share their competition and hunting success stories outside of the lessons with him.


A Few Words from our Clients

A friend and I visited the range for the first time yesterday, and you know as soon as you walk in the door that this is a quality operation. The place was immaculate, the staff knowledgeable and friendly, and there was a great selection of firearms and accessories. We had a great time shooting on the well-lit range with excellent ventilation. The value for the dollar is great, and it’s is without a doubt the finest range and retail operation of its kind I’ve ever visited. There’s no doubt this will be our go-to range from now on!

– Haskell M

Amazing experience with Mr Ron private lesson, he made me feel comfortable confidence and sure of myself, I highly recommend anyone wanting to educate themselves with good knowledge of handling a weapon to pick up the phone and call them you are not going to be sorry, this is my first try I will be back.

– Sandra Gallardo

Took my LTC class with instructor Ron Benton. I honestly thought it would be a boring class, falling asleep, etc. Boy, was I wrong! Very informative, laid back, cracking jokes. I really enjoyed myself. I will recommend everyone I know to come take his class because I know they will have a great experience as I did. Thank you Ron.

– Joshua Rice

Buck & Doe’s is such a great to learn gun safety. The staff is so helpful on any level your at. Their instructors in my opinion are the best and I look forward to learning more. If you have any interest in practicing your second amendment right, this is the place to to start or continue.

– Curtis Kilgore

Disappointed I didn’t come here sooner! Great place and experience. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Ron Benton was my instructor and he was professional, courtesy, knowledgeable and friendly. Atmosphere wasn’t super uptight or stiff but safety was addressed first and foremost. Plan on coming back real soon!

– Cuong Nguyen

Great spot to get the supplies to exercise your 2nd Amendment right and do a little shopping! Nice selection of smoker and cast iron supplies. Huge supply of holsters made locally. Gun range was clean and solid with reasonable rates.

– Julie Winter