Fun Things to Do as a Family Near Me

June 13, 2022

When inflation is on the rise, what are some fun options for healthy entertainment? I get asked this question by friends quite often especially over the last couple of months. Most people think that shooting sports are an expensive hobby but let’s take a closer look into this.


 I purchased a Mathews bow back in 1997 with a dozen arrows and shot target and 3D for 18 years with that same bow.  I probably spent $1300 back then but if you break that cost down on an annual basis, it averaged about $72.00 per year.  That is cheap entertainment!!  I now shoot a PSE I purchased in 2016 and plan on shooting it for another 10 years or so.  I have added a really nice recurve bow to my line up just because I enjoy shooting it.  It will last me a lifetime, so do the math on that!

The neat thing about archery is you can shoot it in your back yard if you have a proper set up and the real estate to do it safely.  Archery ranges are very inexpensive to shoot at ($10 AT Buck & Doe’s Mercantile) and memberships are very inexpensive.  3D courses are located all over and tournaments, if you like competition, occur often and are widespread.

Archery is a great sport to participate in because it teaches you discipline and is a good form of exercise.  It is also for all ages; we have members shooting archery from 5 years old up into their 80’s!


 No way this could be an affordable sport, right???  Well guess again.  The neat thing about firearms is they tend to hold their value. Especially if you start out with a high quality, reputable firearm.  I try to shoot once per week so let’s do the math.  A membership costs about $39 per month which for me is about $10 per trip to the gun range.  A box of shells is anywhere from $4.50 to $24.99 depending on which caliber you choose.

I shoot .22 rimfire, 9mm, and 38 special most of the time.  So, if I spend an hour on the range once per week, I spend less than $80 per month.  I also save a significant amount on ammunition because I get member pricing.

The firearm you choose to buy may cost anywhere between $300 and up.  Don’t be too concerned about the cost of the firearm because you can always sell it and recoup a large portion of your initial cost.  Sometimes you can make more on it than what you purchased it for.  Ask one of our sales associates on a recommendation for a firearm that typically holds their value better than others.

Another great family option at the gun range is gun rentals. You don’t have to own your own firearms and safety equipment to come out as a family and enjoy time on the shooting range. You can rent a handgun at Buck & Doe’s Mercantile for just $15.00.

For real excitement try shooting a machine gun under the supervision of our Range Safety officer. It’s a rush your family members won’t soon forget.

Again, affordable entertainment the entire family can participate in.  The benefits are decreased levels of stress, firearm familiarity for safety reasons, and proficiency.

If you are into competitions, many events are available weekly in different formats, and some form of league is always taking place.  Surprisingly, organized shooting sports is a very social oriented sport.  It’s a great place to meet like-minded people, who are a wealth of knowledge, and seem to always be willing to help an “up and coming” shooter.


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