Cheap Guns

August 9, 2022

The phrase “Cheap Guns” gets thrown around a lot by some firearms aficionados.  To others, the phrase gives visions of the chrome plated “Saturday Night Specials” that were so often sold in pawn shops in the 1980’s.  Fortunately, those days are behind us.

The reality is the firearms industry has brought us some pretty decent quality price point firearms in the last several years.   Let’s face it, not everyone has the disposable income to be packing a $2500 custom 1911, and that’s okay.

It’s time that we unite as firearms owners and accept the fact that everyone legally qualified and who wants to own a firearm should have the opportunity to own a handgun, regardless of their economic ability, and without passing judgement on what gun they choose to own.

There have been some surprisingly well built and dependable handguns that have entered the market in the last few years that just about anyone can afford.  As with any firearm, they all come with pros and cons.

The benefits of a quality price point firearm is obviously that you can get into the shooting sports without a huge investment.  They also allow you to build your shooting skills at the gun range until such time you are ready to invest in a more feature rich firearm.

The downside to owning a price point firearm is that they generally don’t retain much of their value when you want to trade up.  Another negative aspect is that they probably won’t have much aftermarket accessory support, other than holsters, sights, and spare magazines.

Don’t let these things keep you from considering an inexpensive pistol for your first firearm.  The experienced staff at Buck & Doe’s Mercantile is more than willing to show you how to get started with a pistol that fits your budget and your experience level.  We can also get you on the pathway to mastering your shooting abilities and will be here to assist you when that day comes that you’re ready to move up with your firearms needs.


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