Shooting 301 Defensive Pistol Class Women Only

This Advanced Firearms Training course – Shooting 301 Defensive Pistol – in San Antonio is the “finish line” for this specific curriculum series. The USCCA Shooting 301 Defensive Pistol Class for Women Only will continue to build your skills and understanding as you add more advanced layers of knowledge to your repertoire. You can look forward to learning new techniques, such as reloading, shooting on the move, using cover, and acquiring the right mindset for self-defense with a firearm. Students should already be conversant in the safe handling and firing of a hand gun (such as completing Shooting 101 Basic Pistol Class and Shooting 201 Intermediate Pistol).

One of the biggest takeaways of this course is an understanding of the differences between marksmanship and defensive shooting, and how the proper physical and emotional states will determine if you’re prepared to perform the latter.

This course is a good fit for ladies who want to further their skills with a handgun for home or personal protection or are considering carrying a handgun for self-defense.


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