Archery class and lessons

Archery has been around since 5000 BC and is a fun hobby or sport for many people. Buck and Doe’s Mercantile has a great indoor archery range in San Antonio. We offer archery classes for all skill levels. Our archery lessons for kids are among our most popular and are a great way to bond with your kids while teaching them a sport for a lifetime. Beginners can learn the sport quickly enough to enjoy shooting. While archery can take only an hour to learn, it can take a lifetime to master.

Learning archery has lifelong benefits as you need endurance, focus, and strength to perform well. When drawing a bow, it places stress on your muscles in the arms, chest, back, and shoulders. You get the same exercise as lifting weights. Additionally, you need to hold your body still when aiming which helps develop the core muscles you need for a steady aim. Archery also improves your hand-eye coordination and increases your focus.

Buck and Doe’s Mercantile offers the following indoor archery classes. You can bring your own bow or rent one from us. Rental bows are $15 for a recurve bow and $20 for a compound bow.


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