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Texas License To Carry Permit Course

Texas changed the designated name of the Concealed Handgun License (CHL) to License To Carry (LTC) on January 1st of 2016. This not only changed the name of the program but also included the new Open Carry Law.

Buck & Doe’s Mercantile provides the required LTC course for individuals in and around San Antonio. We offer the training in our comfortable, state-of-the-art facility. In addition, students use our indoor shooting range for the proficiency component of the training, allowing you to complete everything needed for the course in one place. We even offer LTC classes for women only, taught by our certified woman instructors. Our courses are conducted throughout the week to accommodate your busy schedule.

Classes Key


  • Your safety
  • Delivering the best LTC instruction available in San Antonio, TX
  • Ensuring you are as prepared as possible for the responsibility of carrying a licensed handgun.
LTC Instructors

The LTC Classes

This program is not designed as a basic shooting course. For those new to the use of handguns, we recommend completing one of our courses designed specifically for new handgun owners and users. This provides you with confidence and understanding of the basics of firing and handling a handgun. Having this knowledge allows you to focus on the specific components of the training to successfully pass the exam and demonstrate the required proficiency with the handgun.

The specifics of the training are uniform across all training courses offered in the state. Each student is required to complete all mandate instruction for the four to six-hour training. After the training, you will have the knowledge needed to pass the exam, which is 25 questions, and to demonstrate your handgun proficiency with the certified Texas License to Carry instructor.

Once the two components of the training are completed successfully, you will receive the necessary Certificate of Training LTC 100 required by the state. Students will need this form to apply for their LTC, obtaining the necessary fingerprints, and make the required payment to the state.

Our Instructors

Buck & Doe’s Mercantile in San Antonio offers the LTC course as one of our many training programs. As with all of our classes, the LTC program is taught by our certified instructors. Our instructors are experienced and certified Texas Department of Public Safety and National Rifle Association Firearms instructors, providing exceptional instruction for new and experienced gun owners.


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