Self Defense with Less Lethal Products

Are you looking for a less lethal option for defending yourself, your family, or your home? Then join us for the next Self Defense with Less Lethal Products course. During this course, we’ll cover the Byrna product offerings available and show you how they are best suited to your needs for personal protection or home defense.


Byrna is the leading provider of less lethal products. You’ll find their products use irritants to deter and disorient those that mean to do harm. Over 300 law enforcement agencies and private security firms use and recommend Byrna products.


This class is appropriate for all skill levels. The course is designed for those looking for personal protection without using a firearm. It is a perfect fit for college students, parents, grandparents, realtors, and firearm owners looking for a less lethal option.

What will you learn in our Self Defense with Less Lethal Products Course?

Byrna’s mission is to provide civilians, law enforcement officers and security professionals with a safe, reliable and effective non-lethal alternative to traditional firearms that will allow Byrna’s customers to protect and defend themselves, their families and their community without the need to resort to deadly force. That’s why we created this course so we can introduce you to all the product options available.  We’ll explain the differences between the various launchers and show videos to provide real world application and examples of these products in use. At the end of the course, we’ll allow time for attendees to participate in a hands-on demonstration.


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