Buck & Doe’s Shooting Leagues

Buck & Doe’s Shooting Leagues are a fun way to meet new people in the community with common interests, practice and improve your skills, and get a chance to win some prizes.  Success in shooting sports builds confidence, allowing participants to set new goals and take on new challenges as they progress. These may include shooting at longer distances or smaller and faster targets.  Here at Buck & Doe’s we offer a few different formats for our Shooting Leagues. Some of our shooting leagues are one evening only on a weekly basis and others involve shooting courses over a four week period of time.

Buck & Doe’s Shooting League is a great introduction to competition shooting.  With USPSA style mini stages, you will be challenged by multiple targets, moving targets, and various shooting positions.  We will give a safety briefing and explain the course before each round of shooting. This league allows you to shoot anytime between 4pm and 8pm, you will get 3 runs on the stage, and we will only count your best score of the night.  Our stages are between 24 and 32 rounds per run.

Want to try it out? Can’t make it to all 4 weeks? You can still show up and shoot an individual night for $20. Just show up on the Tuesday of your choice and pay when you arrive. The single night option can only be purchased in store.


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