Top 10 Things to Take with You When Bow Hunting

November 22, 2021

When planning your next bow hunting trip, always double check you have packed all of the essential equipment. Forgetting any of your equipment can significantly affect or even ruin your hunting experience. Here are the top ten things you should always bring with you.

Hunting Backpack

Your hunting backpack should be tailored around your target game and be able to store all of your equipment safely and efficiently for easy access. Size, shape, and weight are all points to consider when picking out your backpack. When you finish packing, make sure that the weight distribution of your backpack fits comfortably even if you don’t carry your backpack that often when hunting. Binoculars, range finder, flashlight and other necessary equipment should be organized and easily accessible.

Bow, Arrows, & Broadheads

Bring the bow that is best fitted to you, equipped with all the necessary archery accessories, and set to a suitable draw weight. Select the proper arrows and broadheads for the bow you’re shooting, draw weight you’re pulling, and the game you’re hunting. Don’t skimp on quality arrows, and make sure you have enough for practice and hunting. You should have arrows with field points for practicing archery, and broadheads for hunting.

Bow & Gear Hanger

Your bow and gear should always be within an arm’s reach. Select a tree or locations where you are able to install your bow and gear hooks or hangers so that your equipment is easily accessible but out of the way when it’s time to draw on your target game.

Archery Release & Clothing

Do not forget to bring one of your most important items, your release. Most honest hunters can remember the time they were getting settled in their spot and realized they left it on the shotting bench at home. Hunt ruined! It’s a good practice to keep a spare with your gear. Wear comfortable clothing that will not interfere with your draw, and sturdy hunting boots. Don’t forget your safety harness – and use it.

Field Dressing Kit

Your field dressing kit is a must have for all hunting trips. It can include latex gloves, a knife, knife sharpener, hand cleaner and game bags.

First-Aid Kit

Always be aware of your surroundings. In case of an accident, have a first-aid kit handy. Your kit should have items for common injuries and illnesses: sprains, fractures, cuts, scrapes, headaches, and allergic reactions. Ideally, it should also organize the items by injury with injury-specific instruction cards to help anyone quickly and confidently performing first aid.

Hunting License

Your hunting license should always be on your person when hunting. If you are wanting to spruce up your skillset before applying for one, check out the archery classes we offer to prepare you for a safe, successful hunting trip.  Make sure you understand all the rules and regulations specific to your hunting location and game species. Also, don’t forget to fill out your hunting log on your hunting license. Many a ticket has been handed out for this oversight.

Odor Eliminating System

The one thing that will make for an unsuccessful hunting trip is forgetting your odor eliminating spray or Ozone Generator. You do not want your scent spooking your game – and remember, deer have a strong sense of smell. Make sure to consider you trail into your hunting stand. You are leaving odor coming in that can also spook game animals. Many hunters use scent free bags and pre-treat their cloths before heading out to the woods. Remaining undetected is crucial to a successful bow hunt.

Map, GPS, or Compass

Keep track of where you are at all times with either a map, GPS signal, or compass. There are many apps to choose from that pinpoint you location on a map, give you weather and hunt condition updates, and even identify property owners and boundaries to make sure your hunting where you have permission.


Lastly, pack water, snacks, and any other provisions that will keep you hydrated during your hunting trip. Hunting trips can last hours – much of it spent tracking and waiting – and under the Texas sun, waiting can be uncomfortable. Take care of yourself to keep your senses heightened.

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