Picking the Right Youth Hunting Rifle

August 4, 2021

For kids that have expressed an interest in hunting, it can be challenging to know where to start. They will require their own gear – including all safety equipment, and a rifle that suits their needs. Choosing the safety gear is an easy enough process but selecting the right hunting rifle for your child takes more time and consideration.


Eight Things to Consider When Buying A Youth Firearm:


First, note that your child’s involvement in the selection process is essential. The weight of the rifle should not be too heavy, and the size should not be too large for your child. Because youths grow quickly, ask one of our professionals what standard size they recommend. Try out different sizes and weights until your child feels comfortable with holding it for any length of time – standing and sitting.

Remember that one size does not fit all, and that your youth’s physical stature plays into their recoil tolerance. Lighter rifles have more recoil, so finding the right amount of weight to reduce recoil will assist your youth in having a successful hunting experience.


The pull weight of a trigger is another crucial factor. For starters, try a trigger that has about half of the pull weight of the rifle. A heavy trigger can lead to frustration from your child, as they are more difficult to operate. Ideally, you should search for a hunting rifle with a trigger that has light-to-moderate pull weight.

Comb Height & Cheekpieces

Height of comb can cause certain issues, particularly with popular larger scopes that require higher mounting. Though not visually appealing, a strap-on cheekpiece can work for your youth instead of an adjustable comb. However, this should be discussed with your child to see what they are most comfortable with.

Bolt Action

Basic bolt actions are often the more likely choice for your youth, and the most cost-effective. But aside from being a cost-effective option, this does not mean that it is a “safer” action than other action types, but it does offer the widest choice in cartridges.

Bolt actions make it easy to visually check whether a rifle is loaded or unloaded. The bolt is easily removable, instantly causing the firearm to be inoperative. Note that bolt actions are not the only option for your youth. There are single-shots – break-open designs that are visually appealing.

Brands & Cost

Investing in your youth’s hunting interest is an excellent commitment. If you are unsure of which brands produce better rifle options for youths, inquire one of our professionals to steer you and your youth in the right direction. With an impressive inventory, Buck and Doe’s Mercantile can assist you in finding the right hunting rifle for your youth within your set budget requirements.

Personalize the Rifle

The hunting rifle should match the personality of your child. While this is not technically an important factor, personalizing the rifle with a pattern or color that your youth desires makes the rifle truly their own.

Firearm Education

Buck and Doe’s Mercantile believes shooting lessons are important for your safety because most firearms accidents are caused by not following basic gun safety rules. It is extremely important that anyone who handles firearms is properly trained on how to treat, handle, respect, and care for firearms properly. We offer gun classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced shooters. Check out our shooting classes and find the gun class that will help advance your child’s skills and enjoyment of the sport.

Indoor Shooting Ranges

Our goal is to provide a safe, unintimidating environment where our customers feel comfortable. We enjoy sharing our passion for the shooting sports with first-time shooters. In order to become proficient and comfortable with your weapon of choice, it is highly recommended that you visit an indoor shooting range regularly. Our instructors are equipped to help you along the way, and a Certified and trained Range Safety Officer is always on site to ensure your safety at all times.

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