What’s the best way to clean a gun?

January 17, 2022

Hunting season is over, winter is finally here, and it’s time to properly clean and store our guns.

In order to be sure our gun is in the best condition for when the next hunting season comes around, gun owners should regularly clean their guns. How often a gun owner needs to clean their gun depends on what gun was used and how it was stored between hunts.

Let’s take a look at gun care and gun cleaning.

Cleaning a gun is an important part of firearm ownership.

As a hunter, outdoorsman, or gun owner, you know that keeping your firearms clean is essential for reliable performance. When gun owners clean their guns they are protecting themselves, others, and their guns.

When gun owners fail to clean their guns it can lead to damage or malfunction of the gun. If something goes wrong with a gun while it is being fired, the gun owner may be injured. The gun could also injure someone else accidentally if it misfires, or has a catastrophic failure due to lack of maintenance.

What are the best ways to clean a gun?

There are two popular ways to clean a gun? In this blog post, we’ll discuss the differences between traditional cleaning and ultrasonic or sonic gun cleaning. Stay safe and reliable in the field with clean guns!

Gun Cleaning Kits

Universal gun cleaning kits can be purchased and gun owners should consult their gun’s manual for specific gun care instructions.

What You’ll Need:  gun cleaning solvent, cleaning patches, gun cloth or gun rags (never use regular cloth as this may leave fibers behind), gun grease (for after the gun is cleaned), eye protection (to protect your vision in case gun cleaning chemicals splash in your eyes), bore brush, cleaning rod, gun vise (optional but good to have), gun oil, and a nylon bristled brush.

What You’ll Do:

When you are ready to clean your gun, make sure it is unloaded, and there is no ammunition present.  It pays to triple check the chamber to make sure that there is no live ammunition in the gun.  Disassemble your gun per the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are not familiar with gun disassembly or are uncomfortable cleaning a gun, take it to a gunsmith for cleaning.

Make sure that the gun’s action is open and no ammunition is present in the cleaning area.

  1. Read the gun’s manual for specific gun care instructions and then follow them exactly.
  2. Cover the firearm with a gun cleaner per the gun cleaner’s instructions.
  3. Wipe off the gun cleaner and carbon deposits with gun patches, or a clean rag.
  4. Clean metal parts (such as trigger, slide, and breach) with a nylon bristled brush. Brush in the direction of the metal part grooves.
  5. Wipe gun parts with a gun cloth and solvent. Oil or grease them if they need it per the gun’s manufacturer instructions. Using gun grease on some metal parts is optional but recommended by some gun manufacturers as it prevents rusting, protects the gun from corrosion, and lubricates metal parts so that they work better.
  6. Wipe gun oil on metal parts so that they are coated with gun oil per firearms manual instructions. Too much gun oil can attract dirt and residue, but too little gun oil can lead to rust.
  7. Clean the barrel of the gun with a bore brush and solvent until a gun patch comes out of the barrel clean.
  8. Clean the gun’s stock with a silicone cloth, or a clean rag. Older wooden stocks, that are not sealed by the manufacturer, may require the use of a wood sealer, such as boiled linseed oil.  (Please follow the storage requirements of utilizing boiled linseed oil.)

Quality gun cleaning chemicals are available to buy at many gun shops, but can also be found at general stores in some areas.

Use a quality gun cleaning solvent and a quality gun specific lubricant to keep your firearm in good condition.  Never use WD-40 on firearms, as over time they cause a shellac like buildup on parts.

Use gun-cleaning tools designed specifically for the firearm that you are cleaning.  Quality cleaning kits and components are important to protecting your investments.

Never use tap water or other household cleaners on your firearm.

Consult with your local gunsmith if you have any questions about the best gun cleaning kit and lubricants to use.

Sonic Gun Cleaning

Sonic gun cleaning is the process of cleaning firearms with high-frequency sound waves. The ultrasonic waves are powerful enough to remove fouling and dirt from the bore, chamber, and other internal parts of the firearm without the use of harsh chemicals. In addition, sonic gun cleaning can help to reduce wear on the firearm over time.

Sonic gun cleaning is a very thorough way to clean your firearm.  It’s also a lot safer than traditional methods like using a brush or rag to scrub the barrel because there is no risk of scratching or damage to the barrel surface.

You can find sonic cleaning services at your local gunsmith.

Store your guns in a safe place when they’re not in use.

Store the gun in a safe place where children, or other unauthorized individuals can’t get to it.

It is important to understand that storing a firearm in an enclosed case can trap moisture, and can cause the gun to rust.

Storing your gun in a gun safe is the best way to keep your gun from being damaged or used without your permission.

If you don’t have a gun safe, store your gun on a gun rack, or locked closet where others won’t be able to reach it.

If you’re not sure how to clean your gun, consult a professional.

Gun ownership involves a high level of responsibility for the gun owner. Keeping your gun safe and clean is a large part of your responsibility.

If you are unsure of how to properly clean your firearms, or simply don’t have the time, there are professional gun cleaning services available through your local gun shop that offers gunsmithing services.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure.


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