Indoor Gun & Archery Range

Are you looking for an exciting way to spend the day with your family? Buck &Doe’s indoor shooting range is the place for you, whether you’re tuning up your hunting skills and want to take a Hunter Safety Course for the upcoming season or would like to learn basic techniques in one of our gun safety courses. You just won’t find a better place than Buck &Doe’s.

If shooting is your passion, whether it is hunting or target shooting, you have come to the right place! Buck & Doe’s offers quality products for archery and gun shooting to get you going and keep you going! We offer an array of products that will stand the test of time. You will be able to rent or purchase everything you need.

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Indoor Gun Range

Buck &Doe’s offers a state-of-the-art indoor shooting range. All of our firing lanes are well-lit and kept comfortable with our advanced ventilation system. With fast electronic retrievable systems, our shooting range is equipped to elevate your experience to the next level fun. Our interactive electronic system puts you in control of setting distances and turns for an experience no other shooting range in San Antonio can give you.

It is our top priority to be San Antonio’s choice indoor shooting range. Everything about Buck & Doe’s gun range is designed to provide the highest quality of service to our customers, including:

  • Availability of the most popular firearms for purchase or rental
  • An impressive inventory of quality shooting accessories
  • Trained, uniformed staff
  • No membership is required
  • Firing lanes are available on a walk-in basis
  • No more than two shooters at a time per shooting lane
  • 18 Indoor air-conditioned 50 feet shooting lanes
  • Handguns up to 50 caliber and Rifles up to 380 caliber allowed
  • No shotguns permitted on the indoor range
  • Certified and trained Range Safety Officers available for your safety and for gun safety instruction.

Safety is a top priority at Buck & Doe’s facility. When on the gun range, our customers must abide by our Range Rules, including:

  • Treating firearms as if loaded at all times.
  • Never point a firearm at anything except your own target and remain pointed downrange at all times.
  • Remaining behind shooting bench at all times. Shooting only one firearm at a time.
  • Holstering or casing firearms before leaving the firing line.
  • Immediately ceasing shooting and placing firearms on a bench if “ceasefire” is called.
  • Keeping finger straight and off the trigger until ready to fire at the target.
  • Always being aware of both foreground and background targets.
  • Having a signed waiver of liability on file and having viewed the range’s safety video.
  • Wearing eye and ear protection before entering the Range and until exiting the Range.
  • Using only nickel or brass ammunition on the range.
  • Never using any reloaded ammunition.
  • No smoking, vaping, drinking or eating on the Range.
  • Using only Buck & Doe’s-approved paper or cardboard targets.
  • Notifying Range Safety Officer (RSO) of firearm malfunctions.
  • Immediately reporting all property damage and negligent discharges to staff.
  • Buck & Doe’s reserves the right to change any range rule without prior notice.

Beginner to advanced shooters are welcome to try out a variety of makes and models from Buck & Doe’s rental collection. Whether you want to try a handgun or rifle, we have a wide variety of firearms, ranging from the basics to the exotic, ready to rent and shoot on the range.


  • Handgun: $15
  • Rifle: $20
  • Ammunition must be purchased from Buck & Doe’s

Speak to one of our associates at Range Check-In about what type of firearm you would like to rent. Not all makes and models are available at all times. To avoid being disappointed, call ahead to check availability for specific firearms.

Make your visit to Buck & Doe’s unforgettable with one of our exciting packages. In addition to our shooting range, we also have a five-star archery facility and 3D shooting experiences.

Call to inquire about our availability for your choice of activities and to make a reservation for:

  • Date nights
  • Family fun activities
  • Team building activities
  • Meetings
A Girl & A Gun-San Antonio NW Chapter

Buck & Doe’s Indoor Shooting Range is committed to safety and responsibility. We have worked diligently to:

  • Support your Second Amendment rights
  • Maintain your family’s safety
  • Provide a safe family-friendly place to practice
  • Provide fun place to hang out and enjoy the sport
  • Provide a facility that is well lit, comfortable & of tournament quality

Indoor Archery Range

Are you wanting to improve and practice your archery skills all year round? Or maybe you just want to try something that’s fun and different with your family? At Buck & Doe’s, our indoor archery range allows beginners and those looking to sharpen their skills a place to practice in a well-lit, climate-controlled environment. All lanes are available on a walk-in basis – there are no reservations or memberships required!

Top five reasons you should visit our indoor archery range:

When you come to Buck & Doe’s indoor archery range, you’ll notice that every aspect of our business is professional. That’s because we want to ensure that you always have an excellent experience when you visit our facility. We always aim to be the best. Our staff and on-site experts are polite and helpful, ready to assist you in any ways possible.

Safety is our number one priority at Buck & Doe’s. Everyone stands at a designated shooting line facing targets that are set 20 yards (18 meters) away. Targets can be placed closer for younger or beginning archers. Once you shoot your arrows, you will wait at the line until everyone else on the range is done. When everyone has finished shooting, the person supervising the range will give a signal that it is safe to proceed to the target and retrieve your arrows.

At our Gun and Archery Pro Shop, you’ll find a wide selection of all of the premier brands of archery products. We carry equipment that you can rent, or you can “try-before-you-buy” some of the equipment out on the indoor archery range to see how you like it.

Selecting the right bow can be tricky – especially if you’re new to the sport. If you need help deciding on which equipment will work best for you to enhance your shooting experience, we are always able to provide some advice and pointers. Our staff will answer all of your questions so that you can start successfully shooting out on the range right away.

Buck & Doe’s is Central Texas’ premier facility for hosting archery tournaments. We host a wide range of competitive tournaments at our facility. We offer everything from traditional archery tournaments to tournaments with 3-D, life-size targets.

We also have many options if you’re looking to get more involved in the sport of archery. In addition to competing in tournaments, you can also join an indoor archery league or club. We offer options for all levels of archers.

Buck & Doe’s is Central Texas’ premier indoor archery range. With 12 lanes available, there is room for everyone. We host a wide range of competitive tournaments. Our targets range from a wall of block targets and movable block targets to meet your required distance to a large variety of 3-D targets, and even crossbow targets.

In addition to being a whole lot of fun, archery is good for you, too. Pulling back on the bow and holding it steady as you shoot builds strength in the upper body. As you continue to practice, your focus, balance, and coordination will improve. You’ll also get a lot of walking in as you move between targets and retrieve your arrows, which can burn about 140 calories per hour.

Archery is also great for your mental and emotional health. You’ll gain confidence and improve your self-esteem as you improve in the sport. Many find the focus required in archery to be very relaxing and therapeutic.

Come and see for yourself why Buck & Doe’s is the premier indoor firearm and archery center in San Antonio. Our five-star, 23,000 square foot facility is fun for the whole family!

A Few Words from our Clients

A friend and I visited the range for the first time yesterday, and you know as soon as you walk in the door that this is a quality operation. The place was immaculate, the staff knowledgeable and friendly, and there was a great selection of firearms and accessories. We had a great time shooting on the well-lit range with excellent ventilation. The value for the dollar is great, and it’s is without a doubt the finest range and retail operation of its kind I’ve ever visited. There’s no doubt this will be our go-to range from now on!

– Haskell M

Amazing experience with Mr Ron private lesson, he made me feel comfortable confidence and sure of myself, I highly recommend anyone wanting to educate themselves with good knowledge of handling a weapon to pick up the phone and call them you are not going to be sorry, this is my first try I will be back.

– Sandra Gallardo

Took my LTC class with instructor Ron Benton. I honestly thought it would be a boring class, falling asleep, etc. Boy, was I wrong! Very informative, laid back, cracking jokes. I really enjoyed myself. I will recommend everyone I know to come take his class because I know they will have a great experience as I did. Thank you Ron.

– Joshua Rice

Buck & Doe’s is such a great to learn gun safety. The staff is so helpful on any level your at. Their instructors in my opinion are the best and I look forward to learning more. If you have any interest in practicing your second amendment right, this is the place to to start or continue.

– Curtis Kilgore

Disappointed I didn’t come here sooner! Great place and experience. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Ron Benton was my instructor and he was professional, courtesy, knowledgeable and friendly. Atmosphere wasn’t super uptight or stiff but safety was addressed first and foremost. Plan on coming back real soon!

– Cuong Nguyen

Great spot to get the supplies to exercise your 2nd Amendment right and do a little shopping! Nice selection of smoker and cast iron supplies. Huge supply of holsters made locally. Gun range was clean and solid with reasonable rates.

– Julie Winter

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