Low Light Defensive Pistol

What is our Low Light Defensive Pistol Course?

Our Low Light Defensive Pistol training course will introduce you to using a weapon mounted light to engage targets in low and no light scenarios. During this class we will use different techniques to find the best ways to properly identify and use different lights and different methods of light activation. The FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) reports most shootings occur in low or reduced light.

Topics covered:

  • Review of gun safety and shooting fundamentals
  • Concepts of low light shooting
  • Dim light shooting (no flashlight)
  • Use of night sights
  • Use of weapon mounted lights vs. handheld flashlights
  • Moving when using a flashlight with a handgun

This class is a combination of demonstration and hands-on shooting in our indoor shooting range here in San Antonio. Our Low Light Defensive Pistol course will introduce students to tactics and techniques necessary when using a flashlight and shooting in low to no light situations.

This class is appropriate for intermediate to advanced shooters.

What to Bring to Our Gun Class

  • Driver’s License
  • Pen/Paper for notes
  • Your pistol with a mounted light
  • Bring your UNLOADED pistol in a bag or case
  • 50 Rounds of ammo is required. Ammunition must be commercially produced with brass or nickel casing only
  • Ear and Eye protection. We have rental equipment available for $5 and additional eye and ear protection is available for purchase in our store


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