4 Options for Concealed Carry for Women

February 16, 2022

More and more women gun owners are stepping up to the challenge of handgun concealed carry because they want to be able to protect themselves and their families effectively against criminals that may decide to attack them. The following information will detail four different ways that women can carry concealed handguns, either on their person or in purses or bags. The concealed carry methods described are secure and effective while still being easy to access in case of an emergency.

Pocket or Waistband Holster

Pocket carry is one of the most popular carry methods for women. Many small handguns are designed specifically with concealed carry in mind, and that makes them slim enough to fit into tight pockets or waistbands without much discomfort.

A small pistol concealed in a pocket holster will secure the gun, while the holster prevents anything from snagging the trigger.

Pocket carry is an excellent carry method for small handguns that are typically only effective at close-range.

Ankle Holster

Ankle holsters are also handgun carry methods for women that can be practical in some situations. The ankle holster is concealed by the long pant legs most women wear, so they are effective at concealment. However, ankle carry does have its drawbacks because access to the gun tends to be difficult and slower than around the mid-section of the body.  As with any of the concealed carry methods, you will need to practice pulling the concealed gun from the ankle holster in order to effectively access it if you ever do need to use it.

Concealed Carry Belly Band

A concealed carry belly band is a firm elastic band that holds small, concealed handguns against the mid-section of the body. The concealed carry belly band sits on the hips or just above and is concealed easily under even bulky or loose-fitting clothing. Belly bands tend to be very easy to access and provide concealed carriers with good retention and draw speed. Belly bands are also typically cheaper than concealed handgun holsters, which is nice for concealed carriers on a budget. Special caution must be given, when re-holstering, as the elastic band collapses when empty and the use of the support hand must be used to open the muzzle’s entry point.  Untrained individuals often muzzle themselves, thus creating a safety issue.  With proper training, this carry method is very advantageous for women who wear pants or slacks without belt loops.

bulldog deluxe waistband holster

Concealed Carry Purse or Bag

Last but not least, purses or bags are great options for concealed carry for women who like having their concealed weapons accessible to them, when needed.

If concealed carry in pockets, waistbands, and on ankles are not practical for you because of your outfit or lifestyle, concealed carry purses or concealed carry bags can be effective concealed carry methods. You simply keep the concealed handgun in the concealed carry purse when it is not needed. The concealed handgun is accessible in an emergency when you need it quickly.

Many concealed carry purses are designed to be stylish and practical for concealed carrying of handguns. Concealed carry purses are typically heavy-duty bags that will not fall apart because they contain firearms, and concealed carry purses can vary in size depending on how much space you need. Make sure that the holster that comes with the purse is utilized to eliminate accidental discharges while the gun is in the purse.

Find a Boutique That Can Help You Decide

What concealed carry option is right for you? We recommend finding a boutique that can show you all 4 options and help you decide which option fits your lifestyle, the handgun carried, and your personal style.

There are great options available from manufacturers like Bulldog, STS Ranchwear, Tagua, Versa, and Cameleon.

We invite you to come by the boutique at Buck & Doe’s Mercantile to see the quality, comfort, and style of the options available to you. We can help you find the solution for you, so you have a concealed weapon without alerting people to the fact that you are armed.


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