Real World Proficiency

The Real World Proficiency Tactical Training Pistol Class at Buck & Doe’s Mercantile was built to teach attendees how to properly engage targets that are moving as well as the information needed to make the decisions necessary in a real world scenario.  In this class you will learn to shoot on the move, how to shoot accurately while moving, how to shoot around barriers and from different positions.  You’ll also receive training and time to practice shooting, manipulations, and how to handle malfunctions while under stress.  Our Tactical Training Pistol Course is sure to give you a great deal of confidence and the knowledge to keep you well prepared.


Equipment Needed:

Pistol in .380 or larger caliber

Minimum of 2 magazines

Ability to carry 1 magazine on your body (pocket or mag pouch)

Eye & Ear protection

200 round of ammunition


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