Guest Master Instructor Classes

At Buck & Doe’s Mercantile we focus on bringing our customers and members opportunities to learn from the best. That’s why we host and invite master instructors like Wayne Dobbs, Karl Rehn, and Tatiana Whitlock to teach gun classes in our facility and on our gun range.

Hardwired Tactical Shooting (HiTS) at Buck & Doe’s Mercantile presents

First Responder Pistol Class

“Confronting Evil”

This class a comprehensive, intensely fundamental and professionally relevant presentation for the use of the service pistol in self-defense and law enforcement service. This training will be appropriate for those who have LTCs and desire a solid grounding in the use of the pistol in real word self-defense; for the law enforcement officer/trainer who desires to enhance their level of professional knowledge and competence with their duty pistol and the private citizen who has some skill and knowledge with the handgun, but desires to travel the path to full competence with the defensive pistol.

Class Topics include:

  • The Combat Triad of mindset, marksmanship and manipulations
  • The balance of speed, accuracy and assessment
  • Firearm safety considerations for the real world use of the tactical pistol
  • Hardwired responses with the service handgun, including real world marksmanship, mental preparation and handling skills techniques
  • The Two Seconds Standards, a new approach to street relevant pistol skills
  • Single and multiple threat engagement options
  • Tactical movement techniques
  • Assessments of individual skillsets and plans to improve those capabilities
  • Intensive drill work to “hardwire” the brain for responses needed for the student to prevail in street encounters…not just survive

Class Length: Two 8 hour days of classroom and live-fire on the range

No additional fees will be collected on the day of the class. The class fee includes all range and course costs.

Equipment Requirements: 

  • Reliable service pistol of 9mm or larger caliber
  • At least three functional magazines, with 5 or more being optional
  • Outside the waistband holster, preferable of Kydex type construction (No SERPA holsters, NO inside the waistband holsters); LE officers are encouraged to use their duty rigs, whether uniform or plain clothes type
  • Magazine pouch (or two); ability to bring three magazines to the line
  • A sturdy belt to support the holster and mag pouches without sagging or slipping
  • Optional: 10 dummy training rounds (not home fabricated reload type)
  • Eye and ear protection (electronic ear protection preferable)
  • Baseball type hat
  • Closed toed footgear
  • Shorts are acceptable as long as they have loops that will accommodate the equipment bearing belt; no tank tops
  • Water, snacks, personal items to include a minor personal first aid kit
  • Note taking materials
  • Good attitude and willingness to learn
  • 700 rounds of reliable ammunition



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