Beginning Self Defense Gun Training Class

What is our Beginning Self Defense Gun Training Class?

Our Beginners level Self Defense Gun Training Class in San Antonio is designed to give participants an understanding of handguns and how to utilize them in self-defense situations. This is an entry-level gun class that will give you a proper baseline of basic pistol shooting fundamentals such as aiming, grip, stance, breathing, and trigger control.

In this shooting class, students will practice the four rules of firearms safety, shooting etiquette, and various other shooting techniques. Students will also be introduced to the various types of pistol actions as well as the pros and cons of various handgun choices.

What will you learn in our Self Defense Gun Training Class?

We have pooled together some of the nation’s best firearms instructors with various backgrounds to create a top-of-the-line entry-level firearms training course that will teach you the following:

  • Safe Practices and Shooting Range Etiquette
  • Pistol Self-Defense Basics
  • Defensive Handgun Shooting Fundamentals
  • Proper Pistol Shooting Techniques
  • And more!

Why take a Self Defense Gun Training Class?

This handgun class is perfect for the beginning gun owner who is interested in owning and carrying a handgun for self-defense, or the experienced shooter who wants to refresh their skills.

There are many reasons to take a Self Defense Gun Training Class no matter your experience level. We have listed just a few of the important ones for you below:

  • Familiarize yourself with your handgun
  • Build your knowledge of Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
  • Education and training
  • Meet other new shooters
  • Experience expert training first-hand
  • Expand your knowledge of the skills involved in shooting a handgun

What to Bring to Our Gun Class.

  • Driver’s License
  • Pen/Paper for notes
  • Your UNLOADED handgun in a carrying case or bag. We offer handgun rentals for $15.
  • 50 Rounds of ammo is required. Ammunition must be commercially produced with brass or nickel casing only.
  • Ear and Eye protection. We have rental equipment available for $5 and additional eye and ear protection is available for purchase in our gun store.

The curriculum is divided into four modules and includes classroom and shooting range time.

  • Self-Defense Firearm Basics
  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
  • Gear and Gadgets
  • Basic and Advanced Skills


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